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  • Your next vacation is just a click away!

    Your next vacation is just a click away!

    You are just a click away from organizing your perfect stay in Kefalonia.
  • The Best Excursions In Kefalonia!

    The Best Excursions In Kefalonia!

    ACE Travel Kefalonia
  •  Book the accommodation of your dreams now!

    Book the accommodation of your dreams now!

    ACE Travel Kefalonia
  • Book your next Holiday with Ace Travel Services!

    Book your next Holiday with Ace Travel Services!

    ACE Travel Kefalonia

About Ace Travel Services Kefalonia

Spending many years already in the tourism industry the concept of ACE Travel Services was established by Thanasis Karapetsas to bring the various sectors of the travel industry together with the sole purpose of making travel and tourism to Kefalonia more accessible and simpler.

Who are ACE Travel Services? ACE Travel Services is staffed by a team of both locals and European staff all from backgrounds in the travel industry.

With a variety of skills and intimate knowledge of Kefalonia, the ACE team are always on hand to assist those wanting to explore Kefalonia.

What do ACE Travel Services offer?
We offer a range of services that cater to all areas of travel, such as: ats services kefalonia

  • Assistance and contracting for Tour Operators
  • Reservations for hotels, villas and apartments
  • Transfers
  • Excursions
  • Car Hire
  • Group Travel and Incentives

How to contact us?

The ACE Travel Services staff are on hand ready to assist. You can contact us by email, telephone and via the website. We are just a click away from organizing your perfect stay in Kefalonia.


Transportation Services


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Our Excursions in Kefalonia


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Car Hire

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Accommodation Services


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Discover the amazing island of Kefalonia

One of the most beautiful places in the world

Surrounded by azure, clear waters, rugged mountains and hillside villages all offering a more traditional style of tourism. Kefalonia has been attracting visitors for centuries and continues to ignite a passion in all who visit.
Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, which includes Corfu and Zakinthos. Kefalonia is 786.6km2 and home to the 3rd largest mountain range in Greece, Mount Aenos. The island is especially green even in the summer months due to its high rainfall during the winter months Kefalonia has mentions in many Greek mythological tales especially with the figure Cephalus, who was gifted the island, after helping Amphitryon of Mycenae, hence the name, Kefalonia.

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Don't miss

    • Drogarati Cave

      Drogarati Cave

      As you slowly descend down into the Drogarati Cave, you will feel the drop in temperature and the feeling of being transported to another realm. The mix of golden colours from the interior of the cave will leave you mesmerized...
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    • Petanoi


      Petani beach although not as well-known as Myrtos, it offers not just a fantastic backdrop and clear waters but its location at the top of the Lixouri Peninsular captivates visitors with stunning sunsets...
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    • Fiskardo


      The only village left with traditional Venetian-style architecture is FISKARDO which was left virtually untouched by the 1953 earthquake. The small fishing village at the very top of Kefalonia has now become popular with the rich and famous especially the sailing community...
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    • Myrtos


      Undoubtedly the most famous beach in Kefalonia, Myrtos beach is the jewel of the island. Situated on the north west of the island, this beach boasts not just crystal clear waters but fantastic views out to the Ionian Sea...
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    • Lighthouse Argostoli

      Lighthouse Argostoli

    • Assos


      The village of Assos, located on the northwest of Kefalonia, is a small village dominated by the Fortress of Assos. The village is located one side of a narrow peninsular and on the opposite side is the fort set high on the hill.
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    • Fiscardo Lighthouse

      Fiscardo Lighthouse

      Located not far from Kefalonia’s other geological phenomenon, the Drogarati Cave, the Melissani Lake, although also a cave in its formation it offers a much lighter, romantic experience...
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    • Antisamos


      Hidden around the coast just 3km from Sami town, Antisamos beach is a picturesque cove style beach. The pebble beach is surrounded by lush green trees on the hills on one side and the crystal waters the other side...
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    Discover. Amazing. Kefalonia.


    Some of the places you must visit during your stay at Kefalonia.
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    In Kefalonia you will find some of the most amazing beaches in the world.
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    The main resort locations of Kefalonia offering accommodation solutions for every budget.
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